School management software by Cirkle-IT is a simple and innovative new generation cloud-based tool that is specifically designed for educational organizations to automate daily operations like managing administration, academic, payroll, library, hostel, and more.

Our school ERP software embedded with advanced technological systems like digital attendance, RFID tracking system, cloud hosting solutions, etc. Equipped with 75+ modules along with user-friendly mobile application (available in play store for iOS devices), you can likewise get a cost-effective, errorless, eco-friendly and time-saving platform to fulfilling your daily campus needs.

Benefits of using such software:

Bridge the communication gap between students, teachers, and parents
Save natural resources, time and cost
Increases parents transparency
Complete tracking of students and staff members
User-friendly interface and easy to upgrade
Embedded MIS for error-free database management
Complete security of data as it is stored in a single remote location
Smooth workflow in each department
Payment gateway for online fee collection and management

Modules cover:

1. Administration management
2. Academics management
3. HR management
4. Finance management
5. Student management
6. Inventory management
7. Library management
8. Health monitoring
9. Front office management
10. Activities/ECA management
11. Transport management
12. Responsive dashboards
13. Examination management
14. Fee management
15. Hostel/Boarding management
16. Cafeteria management
17. Payroll/Accounting management