In the Human Resources management, Cirkle-IT produces solutions to use human resources efficiently which enables organizations to reach their goals. Placing the right people in the right positions by finding individuals with the appropriate core competencies, fundamental abilites; and matching them with suitable positions while establishing well-equipped systems to enable employee self improvement requires both experience and technology.

Cirkle-IT will be your guide in the appreciation of the employees , extinguishing demotivating factors and evaluating performance on a scientific basis and the standards during the process of choosing and placing employees, performance evaluation, career planning, time management and training of your Human Resource Department.

It is mandatory for companies in most countries to maintain an accurate HR records. HR records management is one of the most resource-intensive functions, since HR documents are the primary documents which are mandatory for, among other things, payment of employees.

Personnel records cover matters such as leave, sickness, appointment and dismissal of personnel, disciplinary measures, etc. Among the essential documents from the point of view of HR records management are the employment contract with the employee, the employee’s personal ID card, and the employment record. Each document has an approved format and rules for keeping it up to date, and must be kept in hard copy in the company. A labour inspection looks closely at a company’s personnel records, and therefore appropriate audits are conducted regularly.

Outsourcing HR administration to Cirkle-IT’s specialists allows you to cut the time your own employees spend on this task, and at the same time guarantees that all staff appointments, procedures, and local statutory regulations and documents will comply with labour and tax law. Outsourcing this process not only ensures the accuracy of all HR records, but also optimizes records management by automating document handling.

As part of its HR administration service, Cirkle-IT provides the following:

  • Preparation of documents for new employees
  • Creation and maintenance of staff records
  • Management of employment records
  • Sickness certificates
  • Preparation of documentation for dismissal of an employee
  • Preparation of employment ID cards (Form T-2)
  • Recording of transfers, changes in salary, changes in employment contracts
  • Recording staff instructions
  • Development of employment contracts
  • Advice on employment law

Cirkle-IT also provides services for checking that HR records are being maintained accurately, and for correcting personnel documents and creating personnel document handling systems from scratch.

In cases where personnel records are not maintained regularly or are maintained by an employee who is not qualified in HR records management, there is a risk that document management will be neglected and fail to comply with current employment law.

Verifying that personnel records are maintained correctly will enable violations of HR record keeping processes to be identified and an objective assessment of the state of personnel documents to be made. The audit can cover all employees from the time the company was founded, or it can cover a specific category of employees for a specific period of the company’s history.

At the end of the audit, Cirkle-IT’s HR specialists will prepare a report containing a list of the errors and omissions identified, and the possible risks for the company if they are not rectified.

Cirkle-IT HR specialists can recreate missing documents and correct existing ones. Cirkle-IT HR specialists have experience and thorough practical knowledge, which guarantees that personnel documents will comply with all current employment law standards.

Cirkle-IT firstly aims to shape the organization scheme by ascertaining the job analysis and definitions after stating the Human Resources policy in its service scope.

After appointing the necessary criterias for planning staff strength and choosing the right employee, Cirkle-IT consults in the process of the featured placement, testing and evaluation. It provides the set up of the optimum system by combining the technology and the knowledge with its softwares that proved themselves in the international arena, or the administrations’ own softwares in setting up the salary, premium and rewarding.