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RFID – Document Tracking Solution

In an information economy, the ability to find files and documents fast is critical. RFID technology is the technology helping businesses reduce the time it takes to inventory client records and locate misplaced files. Our RFID based Document Tracking System provides an efficient solution that manages, searches and retrieves documents easily, accurately and securely

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RFID – Inventory Management & Asset Tracking Solution

Keeping track of records manually, makes it very difficult to find the required inventory from available inventory in-hand. Manual record keeping can lead to the difference in quantity between items sent out from the warehouse and items received at the delivery location having a mismatch of around 10-15 %. There can also be instances of […]

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RFID – Library Management Solution

At Cirkle IT Solutions, we design an RFID based Library Management Solution that includes tags, conversion station, staff workstations, exit sensors, book returns and inventory capability. It provides the patrons simplified self-charging, facilitate electronic inventorying and shelf reading, improve staff productivity at circulation and provide security features at the library exits. The equipment used is in compliance with industry standards and will have no known hazards. It is safe for persons and library materials alike inclusive of students with hearing aids, pacemakers and audio-visual materials. The system supports multilingual records throughout, even in the smallest module present in the library system.

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