Payroll accounting is one of the most important accounting functions, since it directly affects the relationship between the employer and employee. It is extremely important that payroll accounts comply with tax and employment law, that payments to the government are correct, and also that the necessary reports are correct and are submitted on time.

Outsourcing payroll accounting to Cirkle-IT guarantees accurate and timely calculation of all payments both to employees and to the government, and also improves the confidentiality of employees’ payroll information. Cirkle-IT’s payroll accountants have acknowledged experience in payroll accounting for companies with different numbers of personnel and different salary payment systems.

Payroll Services

Cirkle-IT offers you the most suitable configuration during your payroll process after ascertaining the best solutions according to your needs. Working with Cirkle-IT provides you the tracking of  the legitimate procedures in the whole working period starting with personnel affairs. Cirkle-IT does not only protect you from the possible risks by taking all the responsibilities on itself, but also regulates the social insurance reports of all the office premises belonging to your company. Cirkle-IT helps you eliminate the processes without accretion value in your organization by preparing the reports that your administration needs accurately  on time and prepares you for the risks that may occur in employment and severance process owing to the benefits of both employers and employees. Cirkle-IT assists you by examining your payrolls and being an advisor during the employment and termination processes. With the help of taking the advantage of your legal rights, Cirkle-IT helps you decrease your costs. Cirkle-IT keeps the salary information privileged and confidential and does not sacrifice privacy.

We specialize in providing outsourced payroll services in Oman. We offer payroll and payroll related services, plus oversee social security operations in Oman. We also offer payroll, social security and withholding tax services for the expatriate staff of foreign investors.

Our Payroll Services

Registration of new employee and related information

  • Payroll calculation, including all details
  • Monthly submission of payroll sheets
  • To inform client of tax withholding and social security payments
  • Communicate to official authorities for any relevant changes to employee’s status
  • Consultancy service regarding issues employment procedures
  • Preparation of legal reports for official authorities
  • Deregistration of employee

Payroll Elements

Employee Deductions

  • Social Security Insurance Deduction
  • Social Security Insurance Unemployment Deduction
  • Income Tax
  • Stamp Tax

 Employer Deductions

  • Social Security Insurance Deduction
  • Social Security Insurance Unemployment Deduction

Calculation of Net Salary

Gross Salary (Total Employee Deduction + Income Tax + Stamp Tax)