Cirkle IT solution is an IT company supported by Microturn Systems USA; which is formed to provide extensive and exclusive IT solutions and support to our clients. Our principal focus businesses are web applications, customized IT solutions, Mobile applications and micro websites for smart phones and tablet PCs. We are a team of young IT professionals who come up with innovative ideas and technologies and deliver their best to our customers. Apart from web related work, we are specialized in providing tracking solutions based on RFID and GPS systems retail/warehouse tracking and automated inventory control system, theft control system for warehouses and open areas. We have a dedicated division for ERP solution and school MIS system is our specialty in ERP systems which we provide. We have more than 800+ schools across the world, using our ERP applications.

Cirkle-IT is a Muscat based company which provides high quality services with the help of our global partners that speeds delivery of the services with low cost. It leads to streamlined business processes and increased customer satisfaction for our clients. It is successfully helping the growth of the nation by providing equal employment opportunity to Omanis. Cirkle-IT is one of the growing companies that hires young Omanis from the colleges and provide them professional training on different areas like informational Technology, Engineering and HSE areas. We also take the responsibility to provide professional training. Cirkle-IT is a premier solutions provider to the information systems business With its vision to empower the clients with a complete range of quality-oriented services, we aims to provide its clients with solutions and people that would help them stay ahead in their field of business. Our services are led by strong domain expertise and built on a robust technology foundation. We have special expertise in Financial Services, Banking & Insurance (FSBI), Manufacturing, Hospitality, Travel & Logistics and eLearning & Publishing as industry verticals. At this stage of growth, we are large enough to be scalable and small enough to be nimble, resourceful and responsive. Our vision is to achieve leadership in providing strategic value through consulting and high-quality, innovative business and IT solutions to our customers. In our chosen industry verticals we combine deep domain expertise and a strong technology foundation built on process and methodology with unwavering commitment to bring exceptional value to our customers.”.

Our Driving Principles:

Measurable cost savings leading to bottom-line contribution Improved customer satisfaction Reduce development expenses; improve go-to-market Deliver products, economically Increased business with improved bottom-line